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Veronica provides very personalized and focused treatments to align your frame and improve your health! Get a posture assessment and start getting visible corrections right away. Improve athletic performance, break down old scar tissue that is causing pain and holding you back, lighten the strain of incorrect posture. She combines the multiple modalities for the treatment you need based on her wide range of skills, cares deeply about her patients, resulting in immediate effects where you can see the changes quickly.

I’ve been seeing Veronica periodically for 1.5yrs and each time I walk out of her office, I feel nothing and it’s fantastic. No stress, no tightness, no stiffness. She expertly spots underlying causes of the symptoms I experience, and usually it’s things that I didn’t even know correlated with one another. You can feel the passion she has for her profession. Veronica provides treatments which are notches above the average frou-frou massage you will get at the big box massage places. Highly recommend!

Heather Riebenack-Hebb

Deena Shawley